Funny Joke – A wife comes home late one night

One night, a wife arrives home late and tries to sneak into her bedroom quietly. However, when she looks under the blanket, she sees four legs instead of the usual two belonging to her husband.

Filled with anger and suspicion, she grabs a baseball bat and starts hitting the blanket, thinking her husband is with someone else.

After her destructive moment, she heads to the kitchen to cool off with a drink. But to her surprise, she finds her husband sitting there, calmly reading a magazine.

He casually greets her, mentioning that her parents have come to visit them, and he allowed them to stay in their bedroom. He asks if she greeted them yet, completely oblivious to the chaos that just unfolded in the bedroom.

The joke plays on the wife’s assumption and her humorous overreaction to finding four legs under the blanket.

Meanwhile, the husband’s nonchalant response adds to the comedic element of the story, as he remains unaware of the confusion and destruction that has taken place. It’s a light-hearted and amusing tale that brings a smile to the reader’s face.

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