A month before my wedding, my fiancée told me she mistakenly left her favorite hoodie at her sister’s apartment and asked me to go get it.

I knocked on the door and her sister answered, wearing yoga pants and a low-cut top. I’d always thought my fiancée’s sister was hot but she was exceptionally sexy today.

Her hair was still wet from a shower and when she gave me a hug I could smell the incredible lotion she always used.

She brought out the hoodie for me and as I was about to turn and leave she said “What’s your hurry?”

I replied, “no hurry, just wanted to let you get back to whatever you were doing.”

She said, “I know you’re about to marry my sister, but I need you to know I think you’re super hot, and I’ve always wanted to have sex with you. If you want to have a last little bit of fun before you walk down that aisle, it will stay between us forever.”

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