A bunch of young guys are sitting in a hunting lodge telling tall tales

A bunch of young guys are sitting in a hunting lodge.

As the night goes on, the tall tales get bigger and bigger.

After a while, 90 year old Gus, who has been sitting quietly in the corner says, “Let me tell you boys what happened to me in these very woods in 1963.

I was walking along a trail and this big ol’ bear jumps out in front of me and goes, ‘RRRRRRROOOOOAAARRR!!!!’, and boys I gotta tell you, I shit my britches!”

One of the young men said, “Well, if a bear jumped in front of me, I’d shit my britches too!”

“No, no”, said Gus, “I mean just now when I went, RRRRRRROOOOOAAARRR!!!!”

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