Man claiming to be secret son of Charles and Camilla wants to take them to court for DNA test

Simon Charles Dorante-Day, who claims to be the love child of King Charles III and his wife Camilla, felt offended after William took the title of Prince of Wales.

The Queensland engineer, 56, was adopted aged eight months and claims his adoptive grandmother told him on her deathbed that he was King Charles and Camilla’s ‘secret son’, as Daily Positive reports.

He has spoken for years about his desire for members of the royal family to undergo a DNA test to prove that he is now the heir to the throne.

He is already consulting with senior legal experts after he did not receive a response from Queen Elizabeth II when he told her about the situation in a letter.

“I don’t want to feel this way, but I do.” I just think, the least Charles could do is give me an answer. He gives William such a title, well where is my answer? Where is my DNA test? If you are not my father, then prove that you are not,” he said.

Simon stressed that he would pursue legal action to force the King to take a paternity test.

“And the answer to that was no – they told me we don’t see any reason why he is.” And secondly, Camilla and her family are certainly not above the law.”

Dorante-Day was born in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, on April 5, 1966, and was adopted at the age of eight months before his family later settled in Australia.

Both of Dorante-Day’s adoptive grandparents had worked for the Queen and Prince Philip in one of their royal families and he claims his adoptive grandmother told him he was the son of Charles and Camilla.

Dorante-Day claims that King Charles and his wife Camilla began their relationship in 1965, a year before he was born, as Daily Positive reports.

It claims Camilla missed her public appearances and King Charles was sent on a trip to Australia nine months before she was born.

Dorante-Day insists Camilla kept him until he was eight months old, hiding him from the world with the help of the royal family and protection officers, and claims she was told it was a condition of the adoption that his names Simon and Charles were not changed .

However, after eight months he was getting too big to hide and it was arranged that the daughter of a member of the royal family’s staff, namely Dorante-Day’s adoptive grandmother, would take him into her care.

Dorante-Day believes that the inconsistencies on his birth certificate and his name also prove that he is of royal blood.

But the timeline of events contradicts official records which say the new King and Camilla met five years after Dorante-Day’s birth.

Simon is certainly determined to prove his case, and has convinced a lot of people of his legitimacy. This “bombshell” could a PR headache for King Charles III in his early days as the new monarch./Daily Positive/

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