Dad performs a life-saving transplant on his daughter to save her.

Due to a rare condition called polycystic kidney disease (PKD), Karen Rhodes and Paul Rybkin’s son had a mere 36 hours to live. PKD leads to kidney cysts and renal failure.

In 2013, they welcomed another child, Maddy, who unfortunately inherited the same condition. Determined not to let this illness take their second child, Paul embarked on a two-year journey to save her.

Maddy spent much of her first year and a half surrounded by doctors, requiring oxygen and breathing tubes. Her stomach was persistently enlarged, leaving her weak and prone to vomiting. Doctors feared for her life if a kidney donor couldn’t be found.

Thankfully, the family received news that Maddy’s father was a suitable donor. Karen anxiously awaited the surgery, concerned for both her husband and daughter.

The procedure was successful, and Paul saved his daughter’s life. Maddy, once helpless and unwell, is now a vibrant and healthy 2-year-old with a normal, albeit slightly rounder, stomach.

Paul is grateful for the opportunity to save his second child but believes any responsible parent would do the same. He expressed his joy at Maddy’s newfound health and contentment.

Maddy’s parents look forward to watching her grow into a typical adult, despite doctors predicting another kidney transplant in 25 years. They cherish the present moment and hope for a future filled with happiness and joy as a family.

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