Public Breastfeeding for Attention, Mom Reacts to Accusations

Shania O’Neill, an 18-year-old mother, is unapologetically advocating for the right to breastfeed in public without concealment. Shania frequently feeds her 2-year-old daughter wherever they are, whether it’s on public transport, in a restaurant, or even while shopping.

However, her candid approach often attracts unwanted stares from passersby. O’Neill expresses her dismay, emphasizing, “Boobs are for feeding babies. It’s a natural thing.” She further questions societal judgment, remarking, “I don’t get why people think it’s me looking for attention. I am just doing something so natural that was seen as normal 60 years ago.”

When Shania, at 16, unexpectedly became a mother to Isabella, she hadn’t initially planned on breastfeeding. Yet, once she tried, she was overwhelmed by the unique bond it fostered between them.

In the beginning, Shania chose to use a blanket while nursing, but soon ditched it due to discomfort. “So now I don’t use one at all, and it’s much easier,” she shared.

Against the tide of criticism, Shania stands firm in her conviction. She draws a parallel, stating, “You wouldn’t tell a woman feeding with a bottle to cover up the bottle.” She passionately encourages other mothers, “Your baby comes first.”

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