You’ll be shocked to learn Pauley Perrette’s real reason for leaving NCIS

Perrette’s breakthrough came with the film “Almost Famous” in 2000, but it was the role of Abby Sciuto, starting in 2003, that solidified her status in television history. “NCIS” soared to success, becoming a staple of American TV drama, much like Perrette’s character became a fan favorite.

Triumph Over Adversity

Success, however, had its share of shadows for Perrette. She endured a tumultuous divorce from musician Coyote Shivers, including a troubling restraining order episode. Tensions on the “NCIS” set, particularly an incident involving a dog bite and Mark Harmon, also tested her resolve.

End of an Era: Leaving “NCIS”

In 2018, after embodying Abby for 15 seasons, Perrette bid farewell to the character, leaving with a mix of sorrow and gratitude. The decision to depart was bittersweet, marked by an outpouring of support from fans and castmates alike.

Legacy and Philanthropy

Now, with her “NCIS” chapter closed, Perrette’s legacy continues through philanthropy and community work, embodying the spirit of her beloved character. Her fans await her next project with anticipation, as her impact on and off the screen endures.

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