9 Things You Should Never Plug Into A Power Strip

The everyday use of items around the home, often taken for granted, requires careful consideration, especially when it comes to potential safety hazards. One such commonly used item that demands attention is the power strip. While convenient, power strips pose risks, particularly when overloaded, potentially leading to failures and even fires.

Before plugging various devices into a power strip, it’s essential to check its power capacity, listed on the power cable. Certain appliances should never be connected to a power strip due to their power-hungry nature and potential safety hazards:

  1. Oven: Due to its significant power consumption, the oven should have its dedicated wall outlet on a separate circuit, avoiding connection to a power strip.
  2. Refrigerator: Refrigerators, even energy-efficient ones, draw substantial power and should be plugged directly into their own outlet on a dedicated circuit.
  3. Washing Machine: The washing machine’s high power usage mandates a direct connection to a receptacle, preferably on a separate circuit.
  4. Heating Devices: Any auxiliary heating devices should have their own dedicated receptacle to minimize the risk of overloading circuits. Avoid plugging them into power strips.
  5. Microwave: Despite infrequent use, microwaves consume substantial energy and are best connected directly to a receptacle, not a power strip.
  6. Coffee Maker: Coffee makers often consume more power than expected and should be directly plugged into an outlet, avoiding power strips.
  7. Toaster: Toaster usage involves high energy consumption, making it unsuitable for power strip connections. Directly plug it into a receptacle.
  8. Another Power Strip: Stacking power strips is a hazardous practice that can lead to fires. Avoid connecting a power strip to another power strip.
  9. Electronics (Computer, TV, Router): Sensitive electronic devices like computers, TVs, and routers should not be connected to power strips due to the risk of surges. Plug them directly into outlets.

Practicing safe electrical habits, such as avoiding overloading power strips and using dedicated circuits for power-hungry appliances, is crucial in preventing potential hazards and ensuring home safety.

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