Carrie Underwood and Son Sing an Adorably Angelic Version of “The Little Drummer Boy”

The festive tune “The Little Drummer Boy” is iconic. Only a decade after its debut did this traditional Czech tune gain popularity. Since then, numerous famous vocalists have tried to revive it.

Mom Carrie Underwood with son

We all heard this melody from Bing Crosby to Justin Bieber. Just when we thought rendition would be unnecessary. Carrie Underwood’s 2020 album will shock fans.

The country superstar has wowed everyone with her earlier releases, but this will excite them. An album duet with her son Isaiah is the 11th song. The 5-year-old sings “The Little Drummer Boy.”

Carrie was hesitant to work with her son. Once you hear, you know he did well. She also thinks her son resembles the story’s boy. The release date is December 25. Her album includes Christmas classics and her original song.

Play this mother-son duet and share your thoughts in the Facebook comments.

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