Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Spotted with Patrick and Brittany Mahomes at Holiday Party by Kansas City Locals

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are getting into the holiday spirit.

Locals spotted the couple at holiday pop-up bar Miracle in Kansas City on Friday night, where the Chiefs were holding a party.

News circulated online that Swift, 33, was in attendance at the team’s gathering, which seemed to be a costume party as many couples were wearing matching outfits. In one photo, Swift was pictured chatting to quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, whose back was facing the camera.

The Mahomes wore matching reindeer onesies to the party, as Brittany, 28, shared in an Instagram post on Saturday captioned, “Falalalalalalalalala🎄.”

Chiefs tight end Blake Bell and wife Lyndsay also sported matching looks in another photo that Brittany shared, indicating that many of the players and their dates wore coordinated outfits.

An onlooker told PEOPLE that Swift’s holiday song “Christmas Tree Farm” played at the party — which took place in a semiprivate back room of the venue — and confirmed that the singer was in attendance at the celebration with her beau Kelce, 34.

“Everyone looked happy and festive” and there was “great energy” at the party, the onlooker said.

Swift wore a black sweatshirt to the party, according to the onlooker. As photos circulated online, one Chiefs fan claimed on X (formerly Twitter) that the couple wore matching holiday sweaters, in line with the party’s theme, which featured a squirrel — a comical reference to one of Kelce’s now-viral old tweets in which he misspelled the word.

The pop-up bar also reposted a series of photos on Facebook where a customer claimed that Swift was at the bar on Friday night at the same time as she was. “Hung out with Taylor Swift here last night and by hanging out I mean she was there and so were we,” the post’s caption said.

Swift and Kelce’s seasonal outing on Friday night comes after the Grammy winner made an appearance at the London premiere of Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour concert film on Wednesday, along with her close friend Blake Lively.

Kelce, on the other hand, had a big week himself as he became the fastest tight end in NFL history to reach 11,000 receiving yards. Swift acknowledged his feat by liking an Instagram post from the Chiefs that marked the achievement.

On Wednesday’s episode of the New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce podcast, Travis then thanked “Tay,” as he called her, for the love.

“You might not care about records but you know who does, a 92 percent-er by the name of Taylor Swift. That’s right. She liked an Instagram announcement from the Chiefs about you breaking this record,” Jason, 35, told his brother on the episode.

“Alright now. Thanks, Tay,” Travis replied as Jason added, “Gotta love the support.”

As things heat up between the couple, a source told PEOPLE that Travis’ friends think the relationship is the “real deal.”

“They’re still a little shocked by all of it — that he’s dating the Taylor Swift, but they’ve seen how down to earth she is with his friends and family,” an insider close to the athlete said.

The source noted that what makes things work between the pair is their shared dedication to their craft.

“They’re both really hard workers, and he acknowledges her art is hers, and he has what’s his,” the source said. “He understands the territory their relationship comes with and like he said, isn’t letting any of the hoopla impact how they’re growing together.”

“Their relationship is about the two of them, and he sees Taylor for who she is and vice versa.”

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