Real-Life Celebrity Romance: Greg Vaughan and Angie Harmon

Greg Vaughan and Angie Harmon – a gorgeous and successful couple who prove that all good things do indeed come to those who wait.

How Did Greg Vaughan and Angie Harmon Meet?

Though they both grew up in Texas and were separated by a mere 15-minute drive, the two actors didn’t actually cast their eyes on one another until they were on a modeling assignment in Rimini, Italy – and even then, according to Vaughan, the initial encounter wasn’t exactly the stuff of romantic legend.

“As a very fresh & new 18yrs. old…I was first captured by her presence, & did not have the courage or ability to say a word, much less extend my hand for a simple greeting, ‘Hello…I’m ah … ‘ my lips could not properly form or say a word. As this was our first encounter, only to be left and wonder if someday our life paths would meet again.”

But met again they did. With a bit of fortuity, the Lone Star natives had both relocated to the same area in Los Angeles and it was there that the two forged a warm friendship. But that was as far as it went because, “once again, we took another path.”

Taking A Chance
Despite the distance and eventual unions with other individuals – Harmon wed NFL player Jason Sehorn and Vaughan married Dutch model and actress Touriya Haoud – the friendship endured.

When they both found themselves single, post divorces, Vaughan decided to take a chance and ask Harmon on a date – a feat which he quickly realized was easier said than done.

“I had to fly all the way to the East Coast to do so because there was not much chance of her coming back this direction for a while, so if there was anybody gonna make it happen, it was going to be me.”

In the event’s aftermath, Vaughan revealed that a romance between the pair, “Blossomed beautifully at our pace and our speed and [she’s] someone that I deeply admire and appreciate and have a lot of respect for.”

Public Consumption
Vaughan and Harmon’s first excursion as a couple was to the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards where the former snagged the statuette for Outstanding Supporting Actor for his work on Days of our Lives.

Subsequently, the two became social media fixtures, keeping fans and admirers apprised of there successful coupledom. In one heartfelt Instagram post, Harmon shared, “HE [Vaughan] shatters me! Through a full day of shooting & then a LOVELY 15 hour stomach bug… this amazing & nurturing soul stayed right next to me. RIGHT NEXT TO ME.

“No fear of catching whatever awful thing I had, making sure I ‘stayed hydrated’, searches for ginger tea & got the real deal, carried my bags through the airport, escorted me to my gate only to have to RUN to his… he continues to astound me with his care & love…”

Here’s A Story, Of A Lovely Lady…
One of the biggest learning curves for the nascent love birds was the blending of their two families – Harmon has three daughters with Sehorn and Vaughan has three sons with Haoud.

The irony of their offspring’s number, gender and the fact that Vaughan plays a character with the last name Brady is not lost on either party. In fact, they have embraced the coincidence and frequently add #Moderndaybradybunch to their online posts.

Greg Vaughan and Angie Harmon – An Engaging Story

After two years together, Vaughan decided to plunge full steam ahead and pop the question to Harmon. He timed the proposal to coincide with Christmas 2019 and presented her with the engagement ring in front of their family while gifts were being exchanged.

Following the future bride’s enthusiastic acceptance, Vaughan uploaded a picture to Instagram showing the entire family posed on a staircase, Harmon’s arms draped across his chest, her shiny new bauble on full display. According to the caption, “That was FUN!!”

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