Simone Biles Showed Off Wedding Rings with Her Husband – Fans Criticized His Choice & Said It Looks ‘Girly’

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens’ wedding bands, featuring identical diamonds, drew mixed reviews after Biles returned to gymnastics and won her eighth US title in 2023, making her the oldest woman to win a national title since 1963.

Owens’ diamond-encrusted wedding band surpasses his wife’s ZoFrost ring. Fans have diverse opinions, with some calling it feminine.

A fan comments on Simone Biles' Instagram post | Source:

Owens and Biles’ engagement rings have garnered mixed reviews on Instagram. Others critiqued the design, while others admired the jewels. In April 2023, the couple displayed their second wedding rings and engagement rings was appreciated.

A fan comments on Simone Biles' Instagram post | Source:

Bianca married Owens in a courthouse on April 22, 2023. They bought their first wedding rings on Amazon for their private ceremony but saved their real ones for their wedding day. Tiered white gown and tan suit for the bride and groom. Owens posted two photographs on Instagram.

In March 2020, Raya dating app connected Owens and Biles. Two years of dating led to engagement. Houston’s gazebo was where Owens proposed to Biles in February 2023. She expressed her joy at spending her life with him.

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