Jennifer Aniston Celebrates Norman Lear’s ‘Extraordinary Life’ and Says Knowing Him Was ‘One of My Greatest Honors’

After Norman Lear, who created All in the Family and The Jeffersons, died at 101 on December 5, 2023, Jennifer Aniston paid tribute.

The Friends actress posted two touching photographs on Instagram of her embracing the TV star and delicately placing her hands on his face as they looked each other in the eye. Jennifer’s touching tribute: “Norman Lear. His shows affected my childhood, and meeting him was a privilege. His impact was huge. A major impact on TV and humanity.

Norman Lear emerges from red background© Tim Rue

Old Norman died at 101.

He handled hot political discussions at difficult times, and we laughed and learned. I miss those days. When creativity was a learning tool that might change people’s minds. Of course, laugh. Our best healer.”

Jennifer added: “He was the kindest man. You were alone in his presence. Everyone felt this from him. Even when the other believed differently. He found life and people interesting that way. To discuss and truly understand others’ feelings and perspectives. He spoke for both sides and brought people together.

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