Compelling evidence of our rapid decline can be found in the way humans communicate.

Instances that challenge our faith in humanity can be both bewildering and humorous. Here are a few anecdotes that might resonate with your experiences:

  1. At a McDonald’s drive-thru, confusion arose when the customer handed extra money to simplify change. Despite efforts to clarify, the cashier and manager couldn’t comprehend the request, resulting in unexpected change.
  2. During a garage door repair, a technician insisted on a smaller motor, claiming 1/4 horsepower was superior to 1/2. Despite attempts to explain basic math, the disagreement led to a decision not to hire the repairman again.
  3. In a semi-rural area, a neighbor petitioned to remove a DEER CROSSING sign, believing it contributed to deer-vehicle collisions. The reasoning was that it wasn’t an appropriate area for deer to cross anymore.
  4. In a Mexican fast-food restaurant, a customer ordered a taco with ‘minimal lettuce,’ only to be informed they only had iceberg lettuce. The concept of ‘minimal’ seemed lost in translation.
  5. During airport check-in, an employee asked if anything had been secretly placed in baggage. The passenger questioned how they would know, leading to a circular conversation highlighting the absurdity of the inquiry.
  6. Explaining the purpose of a beeping pedestrian signal to a co-worker with intellectual challenges led to the unexpected response, “What are blind people doing driving?” The irony was notable given her government employment.
  7. After servicing their car at a dealership, a couple was informed that the keys were accidentally locked inside. To their surprise, they found a mechanic diligently working on unlocking the driver’s side, unaware that the passenger side was already open.

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