– The Awful Accident That Happened While Filming Tom Cruise’s ‘American Made’

Tom Cruise’s bold portrayal of pilot Barry Seal in the 2017 film “American Made” took a tragic turn during filming. The production involved three pilots—Carlos Berl, Jimmy Lee Garland, and Andrew Purwin—flying a twin-engine Aerostar 600 in Colombia. Unfortunately, the September 2015 crash resulted in the loss of two lives and severe injuries to Garland. Subsequent lawsuits filed by the families alleged negligence and raised questions about safety measures in the filmmaking process.

Carlos Berl, although experienced, was unfamiliar with the Aerostar and had voiced safety concerns before the flight. Jimmy Lee Garland, a pilot-mechanic, also served as Tom Cruise’s double in the film. Andrew Purwin, known for his inclination towards risky stunts, had a controversial aviation record. The crash, ultimately attributed to bad weather, occurred under intense pressure to depart immediately.

The aftermath of the tragedy led to legal battles, with claims of pressured flying, compromised planes, and dishonest qualifications. The lawsuits, highlighting the film’s impact on safety, vetting, and regulatory processes in movie production, were concluded in 2019 with an undisclosed settlement.

It’s noteworthy that similar aerial risks were present during the filming of “Top Gun” in 1985. “American Made,” despite its continued popularity on streaming platforms, stands as a poignant reminder of the inherent hazards involved in cinematic feats and the critical importance of prioritizing safety measures in film production.

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