Their lives were permanently altered by a wedding photo

Emma, 33, and her husband Justin Cotillard experienced a life-altering event after viewing their wedding photographs. Following their wedding, Justin exhibited troubling behavior, forgetting about Emma’s pregnancy and displaying severe symptoms. A thorough examination revealed a malignant brain tumor, giving Justin a prognosis of no more than two years to live.

Despite the devastating news, the couple remained resilient, focusing on allowing Justin to meet their newborn daughter, Mia. Justin began therapy, but the aggressive illness progressed rapidly. On the day Mia was born, Justin, already in critical condition, couldn’t be with Emma. Sadly, twelve days later, he passed away, leaving Emma and their infant daughter behind.

Emma shared their heartbreaking story to raise awareness about the importance of seeking medical help for any potential cancer symptoms. She emphasized the need for immediate action, as early tumor detection can significantly impact outcomes. Emma’s hope is that their story encourages others to prioritize their health and seek prompt medical attention.

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