Woman tries to take her seat on a plane – but she refuses, and what happens next has the internet is divided

A woman faced a dilemma during a flight as another passenger with an 18-month-old child requested her to squeeze into one seat, leaving the other for the toddler. The woman, who had paid for both seats to ensure her comfort due to her size, refused. Despite the flight attendant understanding the situation and instructing the mother to hold the child, the mother made the woman uncomfortable throughout the journey. Seeking opinions on Reddit, the woman questioned if she had been unfair.

Responses varied, with some supporting the woman, emphasizing the mother’s responsibility to buy a seat for her child. Others criticized the mother for assuming someone would give up a paid seat and using the lap policy as a loophole. Some suggested complaining to the airline about the employee supporting harassment.

Ultimately, the situation sparked debates about personal space, entitlement, and societal expectations, with diverse opinions on who was right in this challenging mid-air encounter.

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