My Husband Didn’t Meet Me at the Airport Because His Friend’s Wife Asked Him to Pick Her up after Gym – I Taught Him a Perfect Lesson

When I returned from a grueling business trip, I expected my husband, David, to meet me at the airport. Instead, he chose to help a friend’s wife. Furious and hurt, I hatched a plan to teach him a lesson about priorities, not knowing it would transform our relationship forever.

I had just landed after a business trip to Tokyo. My body ached from the long flight, but my mind was sharp and I was eagerly waiting to see David. We had been married for five years, and this had been the longest we’d been apart.

As soon as the plane touched down, I grabbed my phone and sent him a text, “Landed! Can’t wait to see you.”

The response was almost immediate, but it wasn’t what I expected: “Hey, babe. Can’t make it. Jenny needed a ride after her gym session. Sorry. Will make it up to you.”

My heart sank. I stared at the message, feeling a rush of anger and disbelief. Jenny. Again. This wasn’t the first time David had prioritized her over me, but this was the last straw. I wasn’t about to drag my tired self home via Uber just because David couldn’t say no to a favor.

I quickly dialed Mark’s number. He picked up on the second ring. “Mark, it’s Sarah. I just landed. Can you come get me?”

“Of course, Sarah. I’m on my way,” he replied without hesitation. Mark was always reliable.

While I waited, I fumed. I couldn’t believe David had done this to me. As the minutes ticked by, my frustration only grew. By the time Mark pulled up to the curb, I was ready to explode.

Mark helped me with my bags and we climbed into his car. “Everything okay?” he asked, noticing my clenched fists.

“No, Mark. It’s not,” I said, my voice trembling with anger. “David ditched me for Jenny. Again. This has to stop.”

Mark nodded sympathetically. “He needs to understand how that feels, Sarah. Want to talk about it?”

I let out a deep breath, my anger simmering down to a focused determination. “Yes. But let’s also teach him a lesson.”

On the way home, I vented to Mark about all the times David had let me down for the sake of others, especially Jenny. Mark listened, his occasional nods and hums encouraging me to continue. By the time we reached my house, I had a plan.

“Mark, come over for dinner tonight. I want to thank you properly,” I said as he carried my bags inside.

“Sure thing,” he replied, a knowing smile on his face.

I spent the rest of the afternoon preparing an elaborate meal. I cooked all of David’s favorite dishes, making sure everything was perfect. I set the table beautifully, with candles and our best china. It was going to be a night David wouldn’t forget.

Mark arrived just as David walked through the door. David’s face lit up when he saw the dinner spread, but his smile faded when he saw Mark.

“What’s all this?” David asked, confusion etched on his face.

“Dinner, to thank Mark for being there when I needed him,” I replied, forcing a smile. “Unlike some people I know.”

David’s cheeks flushed as he realized what I was doing. He glanced at Mark, who was already seated at the table, looking amused.

Throughout dinner, I made sure to praise Mark’s reliability and support. “Mark, you really came through for me today. I don’t know what I would have done without you,” I said, my eyes fixed on David.

Mark played along perfectly. “It’s no trouble at all, Sarah. I’m always happy to help!”

David squirmed in his seat, his discomfort growing with each passing minute. “I, uh, I would’ve come, but Jenny really needed a ride,” he muttered, avoiding my gaze.

“And I needed my husband,” I shot back. “But you weren’t there.”

The rest of the meal passed in awkward silence. David barely touched his food, and I knew my message was sinking in.

After dinner, Mark left, and I finally confronted David. “Do you see how it feels? To be let down by someone you rely on?” I asked, my voice softening.

David looked at me, guilt written all over his face. “I’m sorry, Sarah. I didn’t realize how much it hurt you.”

“Well, now you do,” I replied, turning away. “I hope you remember this next time Jenny calls.”

After the dinner, I walked upstairs, my mind still buzzing with everything that had happened. David followed me into our bedroom, closing the door behind him with a soft click.

“Sarah, we need to talk,” he said, his voice serious.

I turned to face him, crossing my arms over my chest. “Yes, we do.”

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I get it. You’re making a point about my priorities. But you have to understand, Jenny was in a tight spot.”

“And so was I,” I replied, my voice steady. “David, it’s not about Jenny. It’s about us. I need to know that I come first sometimes. That our relationship matters to you.”

David looked down, his shoulders slumping. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how much I was hurting you.”

I softened a bit, stepping closer. “David, it’s not just about the airport. It’s about being there for each other. We need to put our relationship first. If we don’t, we’ll lose what we have.”

He nodded slowly, taking my hands in his. “You’re right. I’ll do better, I promise.”

The days that followed were different. David made a conscious effort to show that he was prioritizing our relationship. He started leaving work earlier to spend more time with me, and he checked in more often. I could see the guilt in his eyes, but also the determination to change.

One evening, a few months later, we were curled up on the couch watching a movie when David’s phone rang. It was Jenny’s husband, John.

David answered, his face immediately tightening with concern. “What? Jenny’s in labor? But it’s too early! Okay, okay, calm down. I’ll help. Just give me a second.”

He hung up and looked at me. “Jenny’s gone into labor unexpectedly. John’s freaking out.”

I felt a pang of anxiety but quickly pushed it aside. “What are you going to do?”

David took a deep breath. “I’m going to call Mark. He can help John get Jenny to the hospital. I promised you I’d be here for you, and I intend to keep that promise.”

I watched him dial Mark’s number, explaining the situation quickly. Mark agreed to help without hesitation, and I felt a wave of relief.

David turned to me, his eyes soft. “I’ll stay with you, Sarah. We’ll wait for updates together.”

As the hours passed, we sat together, holding hands and talking about everything but the impending birth. It felt good, being connected, being together. When the news finally came that Jenny had delivered a healthy baby, David and I both let out a collective sigh of relief.

Later that night, as we lay in bed, I turned to David. “You really kept your promise,” I said, feeling a swell of love for him.

David smiled, brushing a strand of hair from my face. “I meant it, Sarah. You’re my priority.”

In the months that followed, our relationship only grew stronger. David continued to balance helping others with being present for me. I saw a change in him, a newfound awareness of what it meant to be a partner, to be there when it mattered.

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