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Hayden Panettiere’s Heartfelt Tribute to Late Brother Jansen

Actress Hayden Panettiere continues to mourn the loss of her brother, Jansen, who tragically passed away in February at the age of 28. On what would have been his 29th birthday, Hayden paid a touching tribute to him on Instagram.

In an Instagram post, Hayden shared a throwback photo of herself and Jansen as children on Christmas day and wrote, “Happy Birthday little brother. I miss you every day. I’ll love you forever ❤️”

Jansen, like his older sister, was also involved in the film industry, with credits in shows such as “Even Stevens,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Racing Stripes.”

The news of Jansen’s passing was shocking to many. His friends discovered his lifeless body after he failed to attend a meeting. According to reports, they rushed to his home, where one of his friends found him unresponsive in a chair and called 911, starting CPR.

The family later revealed that Jansen’s sudden passing was attributed to cardiomegaly (enlarged heart) and aortic valve complications. In a statement, they remembered Jansen’s charisma, warmth, compassion, and creative spirit.

Hayden and her brother shared a close bond, often sharing photos of their joyful moments together. The loss of her brother compounded Hayden’s struggles, including her battle with addiction, which she had been gradually opening up about.

In 2018, she made the difficult decision to give custody of her daughter to her ex-husband, emphasizing that it was in the best interest of her child’s well-being.

During this time of grief, our hearts go out to the Panettiere family as they navigate the loss of a beloved son and brother.

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