GREAT: Travis Kelce is orchestrating an extraordinary celebration, complete with a ‘special’ surprise and a ‘romantic dinner,’ to mark Taylor Swift’s upcoming birthday.

Taylor Swift prepared for her Eras Tour six months before the concert, using jogging, walking, strength training, and dance classes. Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce is planning a special birthday celebration for Swift, her friends, and her fans on December 13.

Swift returned home after a week-long stay with Kelce, but they still enjoyed time together before her concerts ended.

12/05/2023 Taylor Swift looks fashionable heading to dinner in New York City. The 33 year old American singer and songwriter wore a long plaid coat over a matching plaid mini skirt, a black bodysuit, black tights and black heels. Swift hit up the trendy Greek restaurant Paros Tribeca.
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Taylor Swift Looks Fashionable Heading to Dinner in New York City

Swift and NFL star Kelce celebrated Swift’s 34th birthday together in October. They secretly flew to Kansas City for a “chill night” but celebrated with friends earlier in the week. Swift revealed they’ve been together since July, starting after Kelce tried to give her his phone number at one of her Eras Tour concerts.

Swift and her husband were already a “couple” by attending their first date at a football game, and have attended several Chiefs games since. They also visited Argentina last month.

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