College Lecturer Returns Home Earlier and Sees Husband with Her Student in Bedroom

Candace arrived home early and discovered her brightest student, Ariadne, with her husband, Octavius, in their bedroom. Octavius had numerous excuses for the situation, but Candace was unconvinced until Ariadne burst into tears, revealing the complexity of the situation.

“See you tomorrow, professor!” a student called as Candace ended her lecture. Pregnant and tired, she decided to skip her usual routine and head home. Octavius, a lawyer, ensured their financial stability, but Candace still had a month before her maternity leave.

Upon arriving, she noticed Octavius’s jacket was out of place and heard a noise from the bedroom. She found Octavius with Ariadne, who looked distressed at her appearance.

“Octavius, what’s going on?” Candace demanded, eyeing his partially unbuttoned shirt.

“Darling, this isn’t what it looks like,” Octavius said, trying to stay calm. Ariadne remained speechless.

“Explain,” Candace insisted, her voice trembling.

“Ariadne came for advice about her future. I was changing, and she followed me. The door closed accidentally,” Octavius explained.

Candace turned to Ariadne. “Is that true?”

Ariadne nodded, but Candace sensed something was wrong. Octavius tried to maintain his story, but Candace’s suspicions grew.

After Octavius left, Candace comforted the crying Ariadne, promising to discuss the matter the next day at her office. That night, Candace discovered incriminating emails on Octavius’s laptop, revealing he had manipulated students, including Ariadne.

Candace confronted Octavius and later met with Ariadne at the police station, gathering evidence to expose his deceit. Candace’s determination to protect her students led to Octavius’s arrest, marking the end of his manipulation and the beginning of her new life.

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