Ferrari Driver Pulls Up Next To A Senior On A Moped, And Can’t Believe His Own Eyes

A doctor spends $500,000 on a brand-new Ferrari 488, the quickest and flashiest vehicle he can find.

He drives it around and comes to a stop at a stop sign. He is approached by an elderly man riding a moped who appears to be around 80 years old. What type of car do you have there, Sonny? the old guy asks as he turns to face the sleek, glossy vehicle.

The physician responds with a smile, “A brand-new Ferrari GTO. It was $50,000!”

The elderly man remarks, “That’s a lot of money.” “Why is it so expensive?”

The doctor exults, “Because this car can go up to 225 miles per hour!”

Would you mind if I have a peek inside, says the elderly moped driver?

The physician responds, “No problem.

The elderly man then peers through the window and surveys the area.

The elderly man then comments, “That’s a really fine car all right, but I’ll stay with my moped!” while leaning back on his moped.

The doctor chooses to demonstrate his car’s capabilities to the elderly guy as the light suddenly changes. He accelerates hard, and the speedometer registers 150 mph after 30 seconds.

He abruptly spots a dot in his rearview mirror and wonders what it might be. and then…


Something moves considerably more quickly past him!

The doctor asks himself, “What on earth possibly be driving faster than my Ferrari?”

He presses the gas all the way down and accelerates the Ferrari to 175 mph. Then he notices the elderly man riding the moped up ahead of him!

He gives his Ferrari more gas and overtakes the moped at 200 mph, amazed that the moped could outpace his Ferrari.


Up until he glances in the mirror and notices the elderly man gaining on him AGAIN, he is feeling fairly good. He presses the gas pedal all the way down and accelerates the Ferrari to 225 mph, astounded by the pace of his elderly driver.

He notices the moped closing in on him once more in less than ten seconds!

There is nothing he can do as the Ferrari is at full exhaustion!

His Ferrari is suddenly struck by a scooter, destroying the back end. The doctor comes to a stop, leaps out, and amazingly, the elderly man is still alive!

Oh my god! He rushes up to the battered old man. Do you need anything from me?

“Okay son, you can unhook my suspenders from your side mirror,” the elderly guy murmurs.

..and you stumble occasionally.

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