8 Body Symptoms You Should Pay Attention To

Our bodies constantly communicate about our health, sending warning signals when something is amiss. Here are eight signs to watch out for:

  1. Yellowing Skin: This can indicate jaundice, suggesting liver issues. The skin and the whites of the eyes turn yellow when the body can’t eliminate bilirubin.
  2. White Specks on Nails: Persistent white dots might indicate deficiencies in protein, calcium, or zinc.
  3. Cracked Lips: While dehydration can cause lip blisters and cracks, using the wrong lipstick might also be the culprit.
  4. Clubbed Fingernails: Beyond indicating chronic lung diseases, these might suggest digestive issues, causing nails to bend downward.
  5. Sores on Lips: Internal mouth ulcers can result from hormonal changes or stress. If you’re B-12 deficient, supplementing might help, but remember, excessive B-12 can also cause sores.
  6. White Bumps on Upper Eyelids: These styes could indicate diabetes or dry skin.
  7. Ring Around the Cornea: A grey or white ring, known as arcus senilis, can be due to age or might suggest high cholesterol levels.
  8. Bright Red Tongue: This can be a sign of infection, vitamin deficiency, or even oral herpes.

It’s essential to heed these signals and consult a medical professional when in doubt…

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