Beyoncé’s Concert Controversy: Fans Speculate Over Sasha Fierce’s Presence

A viral video shows Sasha Fierce taking over after Beyoncé rejects her daughter’s wave. The megastar ended her highly anticipated Renaissance global tour in Kansas City, Missouri, on Sunday, October 1.

Rumi Carter, Beyoncé’s 6-year-old daughter, waved on TikTok during “All Up in Your Mind” from her 7th studio album, “Renaissance.”

Rumi waved at her mother while Beyoncé sang silently. Fans noticed Beyoncé’s restraint in the social media video.

This happened before. Another Atlanta fan filmed Rumi waving at Beyoncé at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in August. Focusing on her performance, Beyoncé ignored her daughter’s gesture again.

Beyoncé excelled. In the teaser for her upcoming concert video, “Renaissance,” Beyoncé adored Rumi despite these hardships.

Beyoncé shares sweet moments with rarely seen twins Sir and Rumi in ‘Renaissance’ tour movie trailer

Rumi, her mother, and Blue Ivy spread. The trailer shows Rumi’s twin brother Sir Carter, a rare glimpse inside Beyoncé’s family.

In 2017, Queen Bey and Jay-Z, known for their seclusion, have Rumi and Sir. Anxious fans anticipate Beyoncé’s concert DVD to see twins. This Friday film will reveal Beyoncé’s intimate life.

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