Hotel expert warns why you should never trust complimentary bottles of shampoo and shower gel

Hotels are often home away from home. Thus, cleanliness is demanded. Bonus shampoo and shower gel abound. Visitors should avoid them, says TikTok. TikTok users received valuable advise from the ‘Travelling Hotel Manager’. Avoid free bottles, everyone was told. The reason may be ugly and harmful.

The clip begins with her introduction before entering the hotel washroom. Three full-sized shampoo, conditioner gel, and body wash bottles were shown. She warned her audience against using them since they hurt.

TikTok showed anyone can remove bottle pump tops. She suggests previous guests fill bleach and hair color bottles. Avoid them. She suggests tourists pack shampoo and shower gel. She suggested ordering a little set from reception. Many viewers liked her suggestion.

One described her awful experience: “Yeah. Contract dermatitis remains despite forgetting and using my products.” Hotels reportedly used secure, disposable ones that changed everyday.

Unfortunately, hotels have additional unclean practices. 2017 Inside Edition toilet cleanliness survey. UV dots on the toilet rim and shower floor were harmless and washable. They were astonished to find the marks when they checked into the hotel the next day.

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