People Said I Don’t Deserve to Be a Mom Due to My Disability, but I Gave Birth to “Ideal” Baby (Photos)

Courtney Blackmore, challenged by cystic hygroma, faced unkind judgments on her journey to motherhood with husband Rayden. Meeting online through “Call of Duty,” the couple’s relationship blossomed, leading to their dream of starting a family. However, Courtney’s condition, which caused a facial sac-like growth, attracted cruel comments from some, questioning her suitability as a mother.

Announcing her pregnancy in March 2023, Courtney faced a mix of support and harsh criticism on social media. She tackled the negativity with strength, focusing on the joy of her growing family. Responding to derogatory remarks, she clarified that her condition wasn’t genetic, having undergone prior testing.

The couple’s joy culminated with the birth of their daughter, Seraphina Rose Kay, on September 30. Welcomed with warmth and support online, Seraphina’s arrival was a testament to the Blackmores’ resilience. Courtney’s experience highlighted the importance of not judging disabled individuals’ parenting desires, advocating for unconditional love beyond genetic constraints.

Her story is a powerful reminder of the unyielding love and strength of parents, regardless of life’s challenges, celebrating the triumph of positivity and love over adversity.

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