I Found a Note under My Fiancée’s Toilet Seat – I Thought She Was Cheating, but the Truth Turned Out to Be Much Worse

I was ecstatic to be back home after a tiring trip for my brother’s wedding, eager to see my fiancée, Carol. I rushed to her apartment, where she greeted me warmly. Everything seemed perfect as we caught up.

However, things took a sharp turn when I excused myself to the restroom. There, taped under the toilet seat, was a folded note with my name on it. My heart raced as I peeled it off and read:

“Hey, I know you guys are engaged now and everything. But you have to know that this woman took everything from me. From bro to bro, please make sure you get a prenup before signing the marriage documents. Sorry for such a weird spot for the note, I don’t have your number. Call me if you want to know more: (XXX) XXX-XXXX.”

I realized the note was from Carol’s ex-husband, Kevin. My fiancée had always described their split as amicable, but this note told a different story. I pocketed the note, determined to investigate without alarming Carol.

That evening, I called Kevin. He explained how Carol had funneled money from their joint account into a private one before divorcing him and taking half of everything. He urged me to get a prenup to protect myself.

“Just be careful, and seriously, get a prenup,” he warned.

Conflicted, I decided to confront Carol. At dinner the next night, I brought up the note. Her face turned pale. She insisted Kevin was abusive and that she left to escape his control.

“I didn’t want to burden you with my past,” she said.

Still, I needed time to think. Over the next few days, I dug into their past. Mutual friends and old records painted a complex picture: Kevin was controlling, but Carol had also taken advantage of the situation.

When I confronted Carol with what I’d found, she broke down, admitting to taking money but claiming it was to escape. She begged for forgiveness, promising things would be different with us.

Feeling uncertain, I decided to follow Kevin’s advice and asked Carol to sign a prenup. She agreed, though hurt by my request. Our relationship changed, and trust became a challenge to rebuild.

In the end, both Carol and I were committed to trying, hoping that love could conquer the lingering doubts. Only time would tell if our love could truly overcome this trial.

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